Sean contemplates why his family has been beset by so many problems recently as Len begins to recover. He visits his father in hospital and suggests that if he was still living at home his accident would never have happened. With the bit between his teeth, Sean visits Angie and asks if he can move back home. She says he can. Eric, Bob, Viv and Gloria go out for a business meal, but for Gloria, work is the last thing on her mind. She is thrilled when Viv comments on the necklace she is wearing, and lost in the moment, she stuns Viv when she suggests that it is an engagement present from Eric. Scott rues his stupidity when Chloe dares him to do a Full Monty strip to shock Edna. He is bewildered when Chloe and Jason grab all his clothes and run inside and locking the door behind them. With nowhere to go, he decides to visit the Woolpack with a towel from Edna's washing line. Carlos and Ashley are pleased when Nicola and Bernice resolve their differences and made up. And Danny is relieved when Scott agrees to give him his job back.


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