Andy asks Jack for a mobile phone, but Jack says they cost too much. Andy then asks Jack if he can go out for a date with Katie, which Diane encourages. When Katie arrives later, Andy marvels at her clothes and hairstyle compared to how she dresses in school. She asks to go where the action is - he suggests Chez Marlon Carlos helps Sean move back into the Reynolds family home. Angie and Ollie talk about their relief that Cain is no longer a part of their lives. Bob tries to sell some of Eric's gear, but Katie drowns him out when she decides to play her CDs to make Chez Marlon less "geriatric." Chloe, who is working a shift, tells them she and Scott have "fun" like they do, so the two of them go to play their music at the garage. Edna berates them for being delinquents and Scott for being juvenile while Len is stuck in hospital. Carlos, having recently been sacked from his job at the Woolpack, pretends to be angry with Bernice in public, but their affair continues in private. They laugh when they're nearly caught by Bob. Eric fuels rumours among his workforce when he announces that he has something to celebrate, egged on when Betty catches Eric and Gloria kissing and Bernice gossips that Ashley has been talking to Gloria. When news reaches a surprised Eric, he says he has no interest in marrying Gloria, leaving her humiliated.


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