Eric is furious to discover that Gloria has been spreading the idea that they are getting married and confronts her in a heaving Woolpack. She flees, pursued by a concerned Ashley. Later, Sam discovers a light on in the factory and sneaks in to investigate. He discovers Gloria taking a large amount of money from the safe and hears her telling the waiting taxi driver to take her to the station. Sam finds Eric in the Woolpack and informs him of Gloria's plans. Eric then rushes off to the station, but he doesn't get there in time. Jack meets Andy's girlfriend Katie when they return from their date to watch TV at the farm. Katie receives a text message on her mobile phone and replies, saying she's having a great time! When Katie is picked up she tells Andy she enjoyed the evening and kisses him. Jack feels that Robert isn't sounding himself after a telephone conversation, and feels he might be ready to come home.


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