Bernice is feeling the full effects of morning sickness. Viv is strutting herself in full excitement for the Naughty Nylon photograph session. From her time away, Charity has realised that Chris is the one she wants and not Zoe. Chloe firmly tells her that she must finish her affair with Zoe. Ashley tries finding out information on Carlos' current state of mind about Nicola. Zoe advises Chris that Charity should take on Virginia's old job at the stud office. He reluctantly agrees. Zak and Lisa celebrate their 'holiday' with beach items outside the cottage. Eric is not pleased but Cynthia jumps to their beckon call. Ashley finally confronts Carlos on him and Nicola. Carlos is confused but reassures him that he loves Nicola but doesn't want to hurt her. The photographer sets up the studio in the Hope's backroom and Viv begins to prance around in her baby doll nightie. Her and Bob pretend they don't know each other, but are later caught canoodling in the shop! Zoe makes a rude comment about Andrew and Charity in the stud office and both are less impressed. Ed and Emily enjoy a picnic together. They discuss their feelings for one another and kiss. Carlos thinks him and Bernice should go public and Bernice panics. Charity is thrilled when Chris buys her a new sports car, but Zoe watches on with a stony face. Nicola has prepared Carlos a meal at her new cottage and he's angry at the fuss she's gone too. He tells her he can't cope with the speed she's wanting the relationship to travel and finishes it, leaving a devastated Nicola. Diane guesses that Bernice is pregnant, but Bernice doesn't know who the father is.


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