An exhausted Bernice and Diane talk about who's the father of Bernice's unborn baby. They try to work out what Bernice should do next. Emily tactfully tells a tearful Nicola that she is better off without Carlos but advises her to talk to him in the morning. Rodney arrives home in a slightly merry state with Louise. Bernice and Diane talk about Bernice being a single mum and doing without both Ashley and Carlos. Diane tells Bernice that she still has feelings for Rodney. Nicola arrives at Annie's Cottage early in the morning and tries to explain her efforts to Carlos. However, Carlos is concrete about his decision to end their relationship. Nicola runs to her father for confinement. Rodney confronts Carlos as to his behaviour to Nicola. Carlos is fed up and decides it's time Ashley knew the truth. Meanwhile, Bernice has sat Ashley down and told him she has something to tell him.


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