Chris refuses to admit that his relationship with Charity was over and makes a last ditch effort to get her back. But he isn't the only one desperate to win her over. Zoe finds Charity in the Woolpack and tries to rebuild their relationship. But she is mortified when Charity lets rip in front of everyone. On hearing that Charity and Zoe have been rowing in public, Chris assumes that his sister must have been lying about having an affair with Charity. He wastes no time in paying Charity a visit, but can he persuade her that they should get back together? Angie is hurt when she is forced to admit to Viv that she has been suspended from her job, and her pain grows when Ollie snubs her. Unable to cope with the pressure, Angie returns home and breaks down in front of Len. Eve causes a stir on her first day at school, but Donna is annoyed when she takes an interest in Marc. Eric is furious to find that Bob has given his workforce the afternoon off and Andy agrees to help Cain with his counterfeit money scam.


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