A desperate Trash breaks into Mill Cottage but is caught by Jack. Jim continues to stalk a terrified Sharon.


Jim eventually gives up waiting for Sharon to emerge from her hiding place in the abbey. Beryl Crossthwaite is frantic with worry. Annie suggests calling the police. Jim goes straight to The Woolpack for a drink and it is here that P.C. Ball questions him about Sharon's disappearance, he claims not to have seen her since the sheepdog trials. Henry has dinner with Verney who admits that he regrets not having any children. Sharon returns home and tells her mother that she felt ill and had to rest which was why she did not come straight home. Trash breaks into the millhouse and spends the night there. Matt asks for a fortnight's holiday to renovate Jameson's house for himself and Peggy. Henry receives a telegram from Marian saying that Jack is not with her. Joe expresses surprise that Jack and Marian have not got married while on holiday. Matt drives Annie into the village. Jim follows Sharon through the village as she walks with her mother, she tells him to keep away. Trash steals various scraps of food and runs through the countryside. He then runs across the land of Miffield Hall, and is challenged by the owner George. Trash then runs off and returns to the millhouse in an attempt to cook the food he stole. Jack turns up at the millhouse and encounters him.


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