Matt confronts Peggy over his suspicions about her, and she reveals she is in fact pregnant. The revelation pushes the pair to decide to get their own place.


Matt suspects that Peggy is pregnant and confides in Annie, he also makes Annie aware that Peggy thinks she's being too soft on Jack. Jack seems to have no intention of helping around the farm. Henry finds out that Jack is the legal owner of the farm and decides to tackle him about the right of way problem. A tractor breaks down on the farm. Jack tells Peggy that she can have the farm if it will make her happy and stop the family nagging at him. Annie tells him it's his duty to stay and make the farm work. Peggy reveals that she is pregnant. Marian questions Joe about his brother, she seems very interested in Jack. Joe offers to teach her to fish. Jack seems interested in the old Millhouse, he learns it cannot be demolished as it has a preservation order on it. He asks Annie if a letter has arrived for him, she says no. Joe discovers that they have diseased hens resulting in all the stock being destroyed. Peggy wants her and Matt to get their own place, she wants Matt to consider getting a factory job. On a remote country lane, Henry is driving down it with a friend when he sees Jack and Joe. Jack and Henry have a confrontation about access to land, then Henry drives off. Joe thinks Jack should give Henry a chance. But Joe is angry when he discovers a bird has been shot.


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