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Emmerdale's teenagers are gearing themselves up for their big night out on the town - blissfully unaware of the horror that lies in wait for them. The evening doesn't go well for Andy who is barred from entering the nightclub and forced to tramp the streets as his friends and even his girlfriend dance the night away inside. Andy has to resort to some chips and a can of 'Safeway' lemonade from the club, brought out by Donna. He then goes walkabout and gets the blame as they miss the last bus home and in a desperate bid to impress Katie, Robert, Eve, Donna, Marc and Ollie, he sets about stealing a car. Against their better judgement and with Marc at the wheel, the gang of seven then begin a joyride home that quickly turns to tragedy and so begins a living hell. The regulars enjoy a theme night at The Woolpack but Cain draws attention to himself by splashing out with £20 notes. Nicola has returned refreshed from her time away and confirms to Carlos that she is pregnant.


Regular cast

Guest cast

  • Bouncer - Danny Martelli
  • Dancer - Ian Bamford
  • Dancer - Heidi Fellows



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