The nightmare continues for the seven deadly sinners as they reel with shock when they realise who they have killed. It is their Head-Teacher, Miss Strickland. Panic ensues and the seven teenagers argue as to how best to deal with the situation. Andy suggests that they should call the police but they eventually agree on a drastic course of action. The youngsters decide to torch the car in a bid to destroy any evidence that may link them to the death. The horror of the night unites the group in fear. Andy and Robert put aside their differences, while Eve and Marc are drawn together. The theme night at The Woolpack proves a roaring success. Bernice tries desperately to smile through the pain and confusion she is feeling but finds herself preoccupied by the news that Nicola is carrying Carlos's baby. Cain fears that somebody is onto his counterfeit money scam when he discovers a mysterious envelope in his pocket.


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