The kids try to come to terms with the horror of Monday night. Donna tells Viv and Bob that she feels sick. Jack is curious as to why Andy and Robert are acting so oddly, but mistakenly puts it down to girl trouble. Katie breaks down, clearly having problems coming to terms with the consequences of their actions, while Eve does her best to put the incident to the back of her mind. Andy nearly attacks a girl at school who taunts him and Katie. Ollie barely stops Donna from telling Viv the truth. Ollie then tells Marc that Donna is near breaking point, and they need to arrange a meeting to discuss what they are going to do, but will he agree? Rodney is annoyed to learn that the restaurant has taken counterfeit money. Convinced that he knows who is responsible, he confronts Cain and warns him not to pass fake notes through his businesses. Sam spies on the conversation, but when Cain turns back to look, Sam's gone. Carlos tells Nicola that even though they are no longer in a relationship he intends to provide for their baby. But he is stunned when she tells him that she is not sure if she wants to keep it. Intent on making up for past mistakes, she is almost lost for words when he asks her to marry him, but when he claims to love her, she happily accepts.


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