Emily is stunned to discover that her best friend has got engaged. But that is nothing compared to the reaction Nicola receives from Rodney, who has the double bombshell dropped on him - his daughter is not only getting married, she's also pregnant! Bernice's world is torn apart by the news and with no-one else to turn to, she confides to Terry that she is still in love with Carlos. Rodney is furious to discover that he has been gazumped over Mill Cottage. On spotting a surveyor at the house, he endeavours to find out the identity of the new owner. But he is left seething when the surveyor refuses to divulge any information. Emily's attempts to develop her relationship with Ed end in failure when he misreads the signals. She offers herself to him and he sleeps on the sofa! Marc is panic stricken when Len asks him to drive him to the hospital for a check up. With the horror of Monday night still fresh in his mind, Marc summons up all of his courage to get behind the wheel. But he is terrified when they are stopped by the police investigating Monday night's incident. What makes it worse is that he sees that Viv and Edna are at the scene. They have brought Eve and Donna along to lay flowers. Eve is still acting the part but Marc and Donna are cracking. Later, after Len reads out an article on the crash in the Courier, Marc gets past Edna to call on Eve who tells him not to worry.


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