The kids' guilty secret is weighing heavily on their minds. With the police investigation gaining pace, nerves are becoming fraught, but will they be able to keep up the pretence? Marc is terrified when he sees the police coming out of Eve's house. He decides to do a runner, but his plans are scuppered when he finds the police waiting for him on his doorstep. His resolve is tested to the full when he is told that there is a small discrepancy between his and Eve's stories. Angie is surprised by Sean's reaction when she tells him that she is thinking of selling up and moving away from the village. She is furious to discover that he has spoken to a solicitor about a divorce and as far as he is concerned the house would have to be sold anyway. Emily is frustrated by the lack of passion in her relationship with Ed. Viv suggests that she should take the initiative and Emily wastes no time in arranging a rendezvous for the next night. Rodney tries to make amends with Louise for his recent behaviour. And Marlon is smitten when Paddy introduces him to Rhona, the new locum vet.


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