Ed and Emily prepare themselves for their night of passion, but their evening is destined to end in disaster. Over dinner, Emily realises that there is no spark of physical attraction between them, and is panic stricken when he makes a move on her. She dashes out of the house and ends up on Paddy's doorstep. Concerned by her emotional state, Paddy offers her a shoulder to cry on, and it isn't long before their friendship becomes more than platonic. Bob is shocked to discover that he owes nearly a £1,000 in maintenance to his ex-wife. He approaches Eric for a sub on his wages, but is left deflated when he refuses. Paddy and Emily conspire to get Marlon and Rhona together by arranging for them to meet in The Woolpack. Marlon is put out to discover that he has been set up, but is thrilled when Rhona agrees to have dinner with him the following night. Angie receives a letter from Sean's solicitor about their divorce and tactfully tells Ollie and Marc that she is thinking of moving away from the village. Latisha resolves to have Kirk christened.


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