Emily and Paddy wake up in each other's arms, blissfully happy after the night before. But Emily's thoughts soon turn to Ed and she realises that she will have to sort things out with him. Ed has his own plans, however, and they could well solve Emily's dilemma. But unbeknownst to them, as Emily leaves the house, Nicola and Ed find her and Paddy together, embracing and kissing one anothe. Rodney and Louise are trying to make the most of their time together before she goes back to Australia. But she is far from pleased when Rodney accepts an invitation on their behalf without consulting with her first. Viv's excitement about her forthcoming break is dented when Bob reveals that he is having financial problems and suggests they sell the holiday. Wedding plans continue for Carlos and Nicola but they struggle to find a suitable date. There are child problems elsewhere in Emmerdale as Angie prepares to take the children away from Sean, and Latisha tries to juggle motherhood and work.


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