Emily's relationship with Paddy continues to blossom, but there is one dark cloud on the horizon - telling Ed what has happened. Emily asks Nicola's advice about her situation, but is horrified to discover that Ed already knows. She visits Ed and tries to explain about her feelings for Paddy. With his dreams in tatters, Ed resolves to leave the village. Viv is disappointed when Bob sells their dream holiday to pay off his debts. He offers to book a holiday with the remainder of the money, but she is less than thrilled at the prospect of going on a cheap package deal. Rodney is disappointed when Louise refuses to accompany him to the party at Home Farm. After a heart to heart with Bernice, she decides to go to the party in the hope that Rodney might ask her to stay in the village. Cynthia is put out when Latisha tells her that she has asked Jason to be Kirk's godfather rather than Danny.


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