Time is running out for Rodney and Louise. It's her last day in the village, and the pair stubbornly refuse to admit their feelings for each other. She is touched to discover that the village has organised a surprise farewell party, but is left disappointed when she says her goodbyes and Rodney fails to ask her to stay. With Louise gone, Rodney finally realises how strong his feelings are for her and is stunned when she suddenly walks in to Chez Marlon. The kids are anxious about attending Miss Strickland's funeral. They hold a meeting to discuss the subject and eventually agree to attend. Ollie is horrified to learn that the school would like her to do a reading at Miss Strickland's funeral. Bernice is uncomfortable when Nicola asks her to be her matron of honour. Betty is thrilled to hear that Paddy and Emily have started seeing each other and duly goes to find Seth to claim the winnings of their bet. Emily is surprised to hear that Ed has left the village. And Cain is gobsmacked when he returns home to find the place has been ransacked.

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