Marc panics when he learns the police could make an arrest for the hit and run that day after following up a fresh lead. He immediately assumes Danny has betrayed the group's confidence. Their anxiety is further heightened when they see Andy in a police car and Eve suggests that they should say Andy is lying if they are questioned. The Dingles throw a party to celebrate Paddy and Emily's blossoming relationship. Paul is taken aback when he realises Jason delivered his son. Feeling a little put out he begins to question the amount of time Jason is spending with Latisha and his son. Jason retaliates, and asks Paul if hitting a woman would make him a real man. Danny is furious to discover that Paul has been hitting his sister and tries to attack him. Zoe is feeling hurt and lonely and, at Paddy's insistence, she moves into the vets until Charity and Chris can move out of Home Farm.


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