Tensions are mounting as the teenagers discover that an innocent man - the owner of the car they stole, has been arrested over the hit and run. Andy is horrified at the prospect of someone taking the blame for their crime and Marc begins to wonder whether keeping quiet is the right thing to do. The reality of Nicola and Carlos' impending nuptials become clear when Bernice sees Nicola in her wedding dress at a fitting. Bernice later admits to Diane that she wonders whether she has missed the opportunity to be with the man she was meant to be with. A stern Diane orders Bernice to start appreciating what's she's got instead of wondering what she could have lost. Paul visits Latisha at work in an attempt to reconcile, but she is reluctant to speak to him. After urging him to leave, she becomes aware of how menacing he could be when he insists that they will talk again. A saddened Zoe confronts Charity in the street and demands that she admit to once caring about her. Charity is unmoved and declares that their affair was just experimentation. Zoe is hurt.


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