Nicola is over the moon when her mother arrives to help with her wedding preparations. But there is one person who is less than thrilled to see her - ex-husband, Rodney. The Blackstocks share a family meal, but Rodney feels increasingly uncomfortable, with Maureen and Diane's bickering. Andy is terrified when he spots Ray in the village and dashes to tell Cain his news. Cain approaches Ray with the intention of making amends for off-loading counterfeit money on his patch. Latisha is annoyed when Paul pays her a surprise visit. But her icy demeanour begins to melt when he tells her that he would like to be part of their baby's life. Chloe is left speechless she accompanies Charity on a house hunting expedition to a property with fifteen bedrooms! Eve and Marc are terrified when they come across a dead rabbit and a blood- spattered copy of the Hotten Courier with the headline - hit and run man arrested.


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