Carlos and Nicola's wedding is only a day away and the pair decide to make the most of their last night of freedom. But as the drinks flow, tensions mount, and a secret is revealed which threatens to destroy the happy occasion. At the hen night, Diane is amazed by Maureen's choice of entertainment - a magician. Meanwhile, at Chez Marlon, the lads prepare themselves for the imminent arrival of their stripper. But, when their stripper walks in to The Woolpack to ask for directions, the women invite her to stay and send the magician in her place - leaving the lads in a state of confusion. Carlos is rattled when the conversation turns to the subject of affairs, and Terry nearly reveals all about his dalliance with Bernice. Bernice is staggered when Nicola confides that she isn't pregnant and swears her to secrecy. Andy protests his innocence when Marc accuses him of leaving the dead rabbit.


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