The village prepares for Carlos and Nicola's wedding. But with Nicola's hen night confession still ringing in her ears, will Bernice be able to keep the secret to herself? Bernice visits Nicola and tries to persuade her to tell Carlos that she isn't pregnant, but is left frustrated when she refuses, still insisting that Bernice should keep their secret. Unsure as to what to do, Bernice arrives at the church, and makes her way down the aisle to speak to Carlos. But she changes her mind at the last minute and dashes out of the church to await Nicola's arrival. As the car pulls up Bernice tries one last time to persuade Nicola to tell the truth. But, her words land on deaf ears, and Bernice decides to force the issue by dragging Carlos outside. Nicola is incensed with Bernice for putting her in such a difficult position, and reluctantly tells him that she is not pregnant. Carlos is astounded that she could tell such a lie, and in a moment of fury, admits that he has been having an affair with Bernice. The wedding is cancelled.


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