Betty gives Bernice a mind of her mind, and Ashley is furious to discover Terry knew all along about the affair.


Tricia finds an upset Marlon reading her letters, spelling out how much she was missing him and how she feared that he would spurn her if she returned to the village. It is soon clear that they both still feel strongly for each other and put their relationship back on track with a tender embrace. Nicola's mum leaves the village safe in the knowledge that Rodney has assured her he will be there to support Nicola in her hour of need. Ashley, meanwhile, discovers from Terry, that he knew all about the affair and hopes that he can forgive him. Chris and Rodney forge ahead with their plans for the holiday village, but a rival is intrigued to overhear their idle banter and plans to profit from it. Life in the Dingle household doesn't get any easier as Lisa tries a new approach with Zak.


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