Bernice tries to extend an olive branch to Nicola, while Chris and Rodney have dinner with Ray.


Bernice is desperate to bury the hatchet with Nicola, but her younger sister is not in forgiving mood and sends her packing. Carlos tries to reassure Bernice that Nicola will come round with time and that the worst is over. But Bernice isn't convinced and takes decisive action, delivering a shocking blow to Carlos out of the blue. Rodney and Chris meet with Ray for dinner at Chez Marlon. Ray takes the opportunity to dig deep and discover more about their plans for the holiday village. Shocked that he knows about their venture, Rodney and Chris resolve to find out more about Ray and his interest in the site. Kathy seeks help from Eric in selling the restaurant. He takes great delight in giving Tricia and Marlon notice on the flat.


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