Chris is prepared to break the bank to ensure that he is successful in buying the holiday village, however Rodney does not agree with his plan. Rodney is intrigued when Ray suggests that he may be able to help by getting some inside information on the other sealed bids - at a price. Chris refuses to involve Ray in their business dealings. But Rodney, determined not to pay above the odds, goes behind his back and enlists Ray's help. Bernice grows increasingly frustrated by Carlos's refusal to accept that their relationship is over. She is delighted when Ashley arrives with a letter from the hospital notifying her of the date of her scan. She tentatively asks him to go with her, but her hopes are dashed when Carlos interrupts their conversation, and Ashley suggests that they can cope without him. Carlos pleads with her to be given a second chance, but he is devastated when she demands that he stays out of her life. Marlon is delighted when Diane offers him a job as The Woolpack's chef. Danny is curious when Latisha receives a number of mystery phone calls and Kathy agrees to go for a drink with Andrew.


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