The bidding war draws to a close, but is it good news for Chris and Rodney? Meanwhile, Latisha offloads Kirk onto Jason as she goes to meet with Paul.


No news certainly isn't good news for Chris and Rodney. Their efforts to contact the agents who are handling the holiday village deal have come to nothing, and Chris is beginning to regret going into business with Rodney. Rodney confronts Ray and accuses him of trying to sabotage his bid for the holiday village, so that he could buy it himself. Ray assures him he's wrong and suggests that he should wait until he knows the outcome of the auction before making any such allegations. Rodney is thrilled when he receives a call from Chris informing him that their bid has been successful. Ashley is enraged when Terry tells him that Bernice has finished things with Carlos. He cannot understand why she has thrown their marriage away for a fling. But Ashley is in for a further shock when Terry admits that he has let Carlos move in with him. Jason offers to babysit for Latisha so that she can go out for the day. But he is stunned when she returns and admits that she has been to see Paul and has decided to give him another chance. Diane suggests to Bernice that she should go away for a while to escape her problems.


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