Bernice's hopes are dashed when she heads to the vicarage, while Marc gets closer to cracking when he, Ollie and Eve attend the court hearing of the man arrested for the hit and run, and Latisha makes a decision that leaves Cynthia and Danny horrified.


Bernice is thrilled when she returns from her scan to hear that Ashley has been enquiring about her. She arranges to see him on the pretense that she will collect some of her things, but thoughts of reconciliation are certainly on her mind. But Bernice is left deflated when she arrives at the vicarage to find that he has already packed all of her belongings, and has no intention of trying to repair their marriage. Cain overhears Zak and gets the wrong idea. Cynthia is horrified when Jason tells her that Latisha has started seeing Paul again. She confronts her daughter, but Latisha refuses to listen to sense and begins making plans to return to Bradford to be with Paul. Kathy comes clean to Andrew and tells him that she is flying out to Australia tomorrow to see Alice. He is disappointed to hear that she will not be back for six weeks. Scott is delighted when Rodney offers him a job overseeing the renovation of the holiday village. Zak is frustrated when his attempts to talk to Lisa about his feelings go wrong and Marc, Ollie and Eve attend the court hearing of the man arrested for the hit and run, which killed Miss Strickland.


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  • A court usher is uncredited despite a line of dialogue.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 9,930,000 viewers (14th place).
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