Charity is convinced that Zoe is up to something. She tells Chris of her concerns, but he simply puts it down to Zoe trying to make amends for her past behaviour. Chris is surprised when Zoe admits that she is proud of him. But as their conversation continues, he becomes troubled by the effect that his wedding preparations are having on her. He suggests to Charity that they should postpone their wedding - an idea that leaves her horrified. Ollie and Marc become concerned that someone knows that they were responsible for the hit and run which killed Miss Strickland. Andy is furious when Ollie approaches him and demands to know if he is the one behind all the tricks. Paddy decides to organise a surprise weekend for Emily in Paris. He enlists Nicola's help. But a problem arises when Nicola fails to find Emily's passport. Zak and Lisa's enjoy a romantic evening. And Rodney enthusiastically tells Louise about his plans for the Holiday Village.


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