With the chalet now out of bounds, the teenagers continue to air their angst at the Reynolds' house. Sam is invited to try to keep him quiet about his knowledge on the hit and run. Chris is unnerved when Zoe urges him to make Charity sign a pre-nuptial agreement. Is she just trying to safeguard his fortune or suggesting that his wife-to-be may not remain faithful? As the village enjoys a Halloween night at The Woolpack, Ashley and Carlos both decide it would be best if they showed their faces. Nicola berates Carlos for sitting around in the pub after what he's done to her. Tricia invites a psychic friend for the party and to potentially help her find Joe. She gives Louise love advice, and gives Angie a tarot reading that leaves her suitably worried. As the rest of the teen group indulges in Halloween films, Eve and Marc sneak upstairs for some time alone. Their plans for intimacy are shattered, however, when they discover that someone has daubed harrowing and incriminating graffiti on his bedroom mirror. Marc and Eve assume that Sam is responsible, ultimately sending a terrified Sam fleeing into the night. Marc is horrified when he discovers the identity of the true culprit - Ollie! Ollie shames him for being so callous and shallow when he was the one driving the car in the first place. Marc is stunned by her words.


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