Charity is appalled to learn that Chris is drawing up a pre-nuptial agreement and it doesn't take her long to realise that Zoe is behind it. Zoe explains that she is trying to safeguard Joseph's inheritance in the event of Charity cheating again on Chris. Charity is further mortified when Zoe tells her that she has a taped confession of the affair. Charity is then delivered a crushing ultimatum - sign the agreement or risk losing Chris when Zoe tells him everything. Marc is unforgiving when Ollie explains that she wrote on his bedroom wall because he has become pre-occupied with Eve and is brushing the death of Miss Strickland under the carpet. Eve is busy trying to cover their tracks and persuades Andy and Robert to find Sam and convince him that the previous evening's antics were nothing more than a Halloween joke. Nicola challenges Carlos about the way he has treated her but isn't prepared for the home truths that he serves up.


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