Charity is feeling the pressure as Zoe insists that she must sign the pre-nuptial agreement and she can barely believe her ears when Zoe plays her the recording of the confession. Her aversion to signing the agreement causes friction with Chris - much to Zoe's delight. Marc starts to crack under the pressure of the dark secret he shares with the other youngsters and he confides to Ollie that the guilt he feels is all consuming. He contemplates confessing but Eve urges him to think of the others. Ashley takes Nicola under his wing and invites her to help organise the village bonfire. Carlos, meanwhile, approaches Diane for a reference and, thinking he is leaving the village, she is only too happy to help. She is shocked when he reveals he is staying for the sake of the baby and can't walk out of the child's life as Rodney did to Bernice. Joe returns to Emmerdale and, on Jason's insistence, agrees to meet Tricia to discuss a divorce.


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