Miss Strickland's death is weighing heavily on Marc's mind. Unable to cope with the guilt any longer, he decides on a course of action, which will change his life forever. At the bonfire party, the teenagers grow increasingly concerned by Marc's erratic behaviour. Eve is horrified when Marc drives off with the intention of confessing to the police that he was responsible for causing Miss Strickland's death. Marc walks in to the police station and confesses that he was solely responsible for the accident, which killed Miss Strickland. But his attempt to protect his friends is destroyed when Eve arrives and admits that he was not the only one involved. Marlon is relieved when Tricia tells him that she will be able to divorce Joe without any problems. But he is knocked for six when she asks him to marry her. Zoe is stunned to learn that Charity is prepared to sign Chris's pre-nuptial agreement on condition that she receives a lump sum up front. Latisha is pleased to hear that Jason and Joe are ancient history and Bernice returns to the village to face the music.


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