The teenagers who were involved in the hit and run that killed Miss Strickland are in for a rude awakening. Jack is stunned when the police arrive at his farm and tell him that they need to bring Robert and Andy in for questioning. Jack can barely believe what is happening, when Andy admits his part in the hit and run. Ollie is overwhelmed with relief when a detective arrives to question her. Unable to cope with the lies any longer, she confesses her part in the tragedy. Chris grows increasingly frustrated when Charity refuses to discuss their wedding plans unless he agrees to pay her a lump sum. Charity's anger towards Zoe reaches new heights when she opens a package addressed to Chris and finds a copy of the confession tape. Donna is horrified when she returns from her army interview to find a detective waiting for her. Edna and Viv can not believe what has happened and apportion blame firmly on Marc's shoulders, for leading Eve and Donna astray. Marc is charged with death by dangerous driving. The enormity of what he has done hits him like a tonne of bricks and he breaks down in his mother's arms. Tricia and Joe go to court to start divorce proceedings. On returning home, Tricia is upset when Marlon confesses that he is not ready for marriage and Scott does his best to impress Rodney with his management skills. But he is annoyed to discover that Nicola has been appointed bar manager at the Holiday Village without his knowledge.


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