Tension is mounting over at the Holiday Village when Maggie and Phil discover their cramped accommodation. Lucy is thrilled at the chance to earn some extra cash with some cleaning work. However Jess, being Jess, finds the prospect much less appealing. Craig is impressed with the beauty of Emmerdale - namely Chloe. Charity continues her battle of wits with Zoe and seeks a guarantee that she won't reveal their secret. Left with little choice, Charity finally puts pen to paper, assuring Chris that it is a gesture of faith. As Zoe watches on triumphantly, Charity then stuns them both by revealing a few home truths that leave them shattered. Nicola's plans for Ashley's birthday party take shape, but she deliberately excludes Carlos from the invite list. Things don't get any better for him when he is given the brush off by Bernice when he tries to comfort her. While the already troubled Angie is enraged to discover Sean and Lady Tara together.


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