Chris is furious at Zoe's antics, while Charity confides in Chloe that she thinks she has blown it with Chris. Chris shares his upset with Rodney but he is not entirely surprised by Charity's confession. Charity finally plucks up the courage to visit Chris and is shocked when he admits that he always suspected her affair with Zoe. She is stunned further when he reveals that he still wants her in his life. Emily and Nicola continue with their party plans and Nicola takes great delight in walking all over Bernice. Tricia steps in to fight Bernice's corner but succeeds in only making matters worse for her. Marc's shame over the hit and run is laid bare for all to see in the local paper, while Edna and Viv join forces to try and nip Betty's evil gossiping in the bud. Angie tries to pick up her career but feels as though it is all in vain and considers her future in the force. Sean prepares for his own court case and Tara assures him that his lawyer will make sure he doesn't get sent down. Jess causes more friction at the Holiday Village when she feigns illness to spend time with Robert and Andy.


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