Zoe is devastated that her relationship with Chris has reached an all-time low and Paddy visits his solicitor to start divorce proceedings. Bernice is amused to discover that Diane and Rodney have spent the night together. Embarrassed by their night of passion, Diane makes Rodney promise to keep their indiscretion a secret. Thinking he was in Ireland, Lisa and Zak become increasingly concerned for Sam's safety when a letter arrives for him from his mum making it clear that he hasn't been near the emerald isle. Zak confronts Cain and demands to know why he lied about Sam's whereabouts. Zak decides to go in search of Sam but, before he leaves, he warns Cain that he will make him pay if anything has happened. The teenagers conquer their fears and return to school. But the experience is too much for Donna, who bolts from the classroom. Cynthia seeks reassurance from Danny that he wasn't involved in the hit and run tragedy.


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