Zak drafts in the help of Marlon, Jack and Eric to scour the woods in the hope of finding Sam. Cain starts a hunt of his own in a bid to find him ahead of Zak and stop him revealing the reason for his disappearance. Zak unearths Sam first and is horrified to find out why he fled the family home. But Cain hits back with claims that Sam tried to attack him first and Zak finds himself torn between his two sons. After much convincing from Lisa, Zak tells Cain to get out. Andy isn't faring much better with Katie as he tries to convince her to stand by him. Things are looking up for Paddy, though, when Emily admits that she is starting to feel like his house is becoming her home and time looks like it is running out for the Daggerts when they get an unexpected caller at their squat.


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