Just as the future is beginning to look rosy for Paddy and Emily they receive a blast from the past that sends them reeling. As Emily prepares lunch in their lovenest, she is stunned to open the door to Paddy's wife Mandy - complete with suitcase. Mandy is equally shocked to find Emily in the house. Emily becomes increasingly uncomfortable as Mandy explains the reason for her return - to talk about her relationship with Paddy. Paddy is dumbfounded when he returns home to discover Mandy sharing the sofa with Emily and struggles to keep the atmosphere pleasant between the current and former loves in his life. Mandy receives an equally mixed reception from others in the village, including Tricia and Zak. Cynthia becomes increasingly worried about her future in the squat when a letter drops threatening action against her family. Lisa finds Cain and tells him to start appreciating all that Zak has done for him.


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