Mandy gloats to Lisa and then cruelly visits Emily to tell her that she and Paddy are an item following their night of passion. But Paddy has the final laugh on Mandy - even though it proves painful. He decides it's Emily he really wants and when she refuses to listen, he carries her from the house and to The Woolpack. As Paddy reveals his shocking decision to Mandy, she sees red and knocks him over with a punch. Craig upsets Nicola when he lies that he's got plans for lunch then goes out with Chloe. Chris becomes more concerned about the wedding when Charity reveals she'd like to arrive in a pink Cadillac and eat burgers and chips for breakfast. Jess makes an effort to get on with Lucy. Terry rehearses his best man's speech, even though he's not been asked. Marlon is put out at Tricia's flirty ways to try and get more tips from customers.


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