Chris and Charity's wedding plans are forging ahead, but with the feud between the Tates and Dingles bubbling under the surface, it is going to be anything but a happy family occasion. Charity is shaken when Cain confronts her and threatens to destroy her big day. She visits the Dingles and tries to defuse the situation by inviting them to her wedding. Seth spots Chris at his father's grave and suggests that he should try and patch things up with Zoe. He approaches Zoe and tries to persuade her to attend his wedding. Terry is taken aback when Chris asks him if he thinks he is making a mistake marrying Charity. Meanwhile, Charity expresses some doubts of her own to Chloe. Mandy's hopes of getting back together with Paddy are in tatters and with no other reason to stay in the village, she decides to return to Southampton. After his recent infidelity, Emily quizzes Paddy to see if he is over Mandy once and for all. Maggie is furious when Nicola tries to undermine her authority at the Holiday Village.


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