Chris and Charity's wedding day is finally upon them, but while Chris nervously awaits the arrival of his bride to be, there are certain people who are avoiding the occasion like the plague. Zak and Zoe share their concerns over the wedding. Aware that the gulf between Charity and the Dingles is growing, Lisa reminds Zak of his recent cancer scare, and tells him that life is too short to waste on feuding. With her words of wisdom ringing in his ears, Zak eventually relents and agrees to attend. Charity fears the worst when the Dingles arrive at the reception and Zak demands to speak to Chris alone. But is he there to start trouble or call an end to their feud? Zoe follows Zak's lead and decides to attend the reception, but drunkenly announces what she thinks of their marriage. Despite the happy occasion, Charity has a few choice words for Chris that leave him feeling hurt.


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