Andrew is surprised to discover that Kathy has cut short her holiday. But he is in for an even bigger shock when Alice walks in to the room. Kathy confesses that she was concerned for her niece's safety and has brought her back without Elsa's knowledge. Chloe is upset when Nicola gives her a written warning, after she turns up late for work. Maggie is furious to hear what has happened and warns Nicola not to issue any warnings without her permission. Zoe apologises to Chris for her drunken behaviour at his wedding reception. But will he be able to forgive her after all that has happened? Lisa prepares a surprise meal for Zak to celebrate the end of the feud between the Dingles and the Tates. But Zak is in no mood for celebrations as he is upset that his relationship with Cain is at an all-time low. Jack is concerned by Andy and Robert's behaviour when they receive a visit from the Youth Offending Officer and Emily turns down Paddy's offer to move in with him.


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