There is trouble brewing when Elsa arrives in the village with one intention - to get her daughter Alice back. Alice is excited to see her mother, but Kathy is irritated by her sudden arrival. Elsa demands to know why she took her daughter without her permission, but is stunned when Kathy says Alice was mistreated. Kathy isn't about to give Alice up without a fight, though, and disappears with her again. Jack's financial problems seem to be a distant memory when he receives a phone call from the mobile phone company, confirming that they would like to put a mast on his farm. But, Edna is not best pleased to hear the news. Angie is furious to discover that Sean has organised for Marc and Ollie to see a solicitor and Tara will be paying the bill. Ashley offers to let Cynthia and her family move in to the vicarage after they have been evicted from their home. And Sam manages to persuade Cain to move back home.


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