Kathy continues to harbour Alice as those closest to her voice their concern and start to question her actions. Alan tries to assure Elsa that Kathy will return her daughter soon, but she decides it is time to call in the police. At the Reynolds', Marc tries to look to the future and put the death of Miss Strickland behind him, but his solicitor has a word of warning for him that brings him back down to earth with a bump. He advises Sean and Angie that Ollie will probably face a light sentence for her part in the tragedy - but Marc could well be facing a stiff stint inside. With eviction from the squat on the horizon, a desperate Cynthia is forced to consider accepting Ashley's offer of help when she learns that the housing office hasn't found a new home for her family. Edna becomes increasingly irate at Jack's insistence to push ahead with plans for the phone mast and takes her petition door-to-door.


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