The thought of facing a future in prison proves too much for Marc and he decides he has only one option - to run away. Ollie and Andy learn of his plans but nothing they say can change Marc's drastic escape plan. He heads for Sean's haulage yard in the hope of stowing away in the back of a truck destined for the continent. But as the wagon leaves the yard, Sean charges after it and brings it to a halt. Has he rumbled his son? Much to the disgust of Cynthia, Danny agrees to deliver a package for Ray. Cynthia confides in Ashley that she doesn't trust Emmerdale's new Mr Big and she is shocked when she sneaks a peak inside the parcel. Alan overhears the Sugden children talking in the shop and realises that Kathy is hiding at the farm with Alice. As Kathy and Alice visit Nick in prison, Alan feels it is his duty to let Elsa know where she can find her daughter.


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