Despite drumming up support for the phone-mast, Jack is under pressure as he faces the public meeting in the village and discovers that many of the locals have turned on him. Edna is cutting about Jack's motives and he is rightly concerned when the phone-mast representative becomes evasive, as to whether the mast will ever find a home on the farm. Jack tries to reason with Edna for the sake of the children, but is outraged when she uses his children as a reason why nobody should sympathise with him. The backlash of Eve's testimony is evident as the teenagers fail to hide their anger at her. She tries to explain that she didn't mean to pin the blame on Marc but Ollie is in no mood for listening. Kathy confides in Andrew that she thinks she has won Elsa round and is predicting a rosy future for the two of them together. But Elsa has plans of her own and stuns Kathy with news that she plans to return to her husband in Australia - and take Alice with her.


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