Kathy and Elsa find themselves at odds over the future of Alice, after Elsa takes her daughter on a Christmas shopping spree. On her return, Elsa reveals to an outraged Kathy that she intends taking Alice back to Australia with her. Andrew touches a raw nerve by telling Kathy that she is jealous of Elsa, but Kathy digs her heels in and she tells Elsa in no uncertain terms that she isn't going to give Alice up without a fight. As Jack rues losing his temper with Edna, the village finds itself divided into two camps over the future of his proposed phone mast. Diane is in one corner supporting Jack, while an enraged Viv is busy drumming up opposition. Latisha finds herself in the crossfire when she is forced to back both sides. Cynthia's worries mount and she is forced to tell her children that they will be facing a bleak Christmas and Paddy regrets offering to teach Emily how to drive after their first lesson with her at the wheel.


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