Kathy realises that she will never win the battle for Alice with Elsa and wonders if it is time to change tack. She admits to Andrew that she is going to miss Alice and wonders if it wouldn't be best for all concerned if she moved to Australia to be closer to her. But Kathy isn't prepared for Andrew's response when he opens up to her and reveals how he truly feels. Cynthia's money troubles are exaggerated when she and Danny argue over a shopping catalogue. She becomes suspicious when Danny later appears with £20 that he got from Ray. Viv's battle against Jack's proposed phone mast gets personal and she bans Bob from visiting The Woolpack because Diane is backing Jack. Things are looking up for Jack, though, when he receives a visit from a builder who wants to locate the best site for the mast. Maggie and Phil are pushing on with plans for the Christmas Grotto at the Holiday Village. But they are forced to search for a new Santa when Phil is offered a job driving for Tate Haulage - step forward Seth. Ollie and evil Eve clash when Eve daubs the word "killer" on the village hall wall. But the finger of suspicion points at Ollie when she throws paint over her adversary and when Emily gets behind the wheel and nearly kills Edna, Zak starts to wish he hadn't taken over from Paddy in a bid to teach her to drive.


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