Kathy makes a decision on her future - one that will change her life forever. After a heart to heart with Bernice, Kathy decides that she must put her love of Alice before Andrew and follow her to Australia - to live. Kathy bids farewell to Elsa and Alice, knowing that she will see her soon, but Andrew overhears and is devastated when he realises that she is going to follow them. Realising his family is cash-strapped, Danny asks Ray for a job but is disappointed to find nothing is available. Cain has his own ideas, though, and steps in to offer him work. Nicola tries to impress Rodney with her own plans for Christmas at the Holiday Village. But her idea of having Chloe and Craig dress up as elves and giving away free drinks could cause problems. The battle of the phone mast turns bitter as Diane and Viv try to outdo each other. Viv covers up all of Diane's posters supporting Jack, before Diane has her revenge by hijacking a local reporter. The subsequent fallout quickly turns into a newsman's dream. Ollie swears to show Eve's true colours after the paint incident and Robert promises Andy that he'll keep an eye on Katie while they are doing community service.


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