Diane goes on the warpath when Nicola coolly walks in to The Woolpack and hands out fliers advertising free drinks at the Holiday Park's bar. Dumbfounded by Nicola's cheek, Diane unceremoniously throws her out of the pub. Meanwhile, Craig and Chloe are less than enthusiastic about having to dress up as elves for Santa's Grotto, however, the same cannot be said for Seth, who basks in his role as Santa Claus. The event initially seems like a great success, but the bar's stock of alcohol is put under severe pressure when the Dingles arrive with the intention of drinking the place dry. The Daggert's financial problems deepen when they receive a demand from the gas company. Danny decides to help raise some money and offers to deliver a package for Cain. Cynthia grows suspicious when Danny returns home and hands her the money he has made, and her fears seems to be justified when they receive a visit from the police who want to question Danny about the delivery he has made. Kathy tries to patch things up with Andrew, but he is clearly upset by her decision to immigrate to Australia, and refuses to speak to her and Viv is disgusted by her portrayal in the Courier's article on the phone mast debate.


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